Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 is an essential component for proper body functions.  Among other things, Vitamin B12 ensures that our red blood cells stay fully oxygenated which is why its so important for maintaining high levels of energy and cognitive functioning.

The problem with Vitamin B12 (which is exactly why I started taking injections in the first place) is that its very difficult for your body to absorb it naturally through foods or oral supplementswhich is why nearly 40% of adults have low-levels of Vitamin B12 despite maintaining a diet with foods naturally rich in B12.

This is why Vitamin B12 injections have exploded in popularity recently.  Years ago, B12 injections were expensive and could only be administered by a physician but home injection kits have made the most effective method of b12 supplement available to everyone.

My personal recommendation for vitamin B12 shots is Trim Nutrition -their Trim Complete kit (which includes all the B-complex vitamins) is by far, the best quality at the best price.  Specifically, their compound is made of the more easily absorbed Methylcobalamin (the naturally occurring form of B12) NOT the more common (and cheaper) Cyanocobalamin which is not naturally found in any foods.  Spend the couple extra bucks and get the high quality stuff:

Vitamin B12 patches and sprays are a good alternative if you absolutely cant self-administer the vitamin b12 shot, but its honestly too cheap and too easy NOT to try.

I believe EVERYONE can benefit from vitamin b12 injections


Some User Reviews:

by Lucy Perry  Wednesday 06 April, 2011
I am really happy with this product!!!I first I bought the 29.95 B12 shots to check the quality and moved up to the Trim Complete HUGE difference in the two definitely worth the money! I am used to paying 25.00 a shot for this plus a co-pay so for 89.00 its a bargain. 1ML you will definitely feel the energy rush and it also supressed my appetite. Awesome addition to a low carb hi protein diet. ..
by Robert Moore Date Added: Thursday 19 May, 2011
Okay, I am usually a skeptic on stuff like this but I tried it because a friend said it helps him feel less worn down. So I figured I could use that, and after I bought a $25 shot from a local clinic, I felt like I noticed something but wasn’t sure… maybe felt a little something. So after researching I found Trim Nutrition and bought a 30 shot kit, figuring I would give it a real try for my wife and I over a longer period of time. Now they claim that “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease” but I need to let any who will listen know one fact I know for absolute certainty. First though some back ground, I have suffered with extreme allergies every spring for as long as I can remember at least over 30 years I have suffered without fail. I have tried the allergy shot series for years and no improvement, all I can do is treat symptoms with prescription eye drops and drugs and even that didn’t help relieve the itchy eyes. This year, before allergy season began is when I started taking the shots, not because I was hoping for a cure for my spring allergies, I just wanted to feel better in general. Here is the kicker, this year I am not having any allergy problems. I wait 2 weeks between shots and on day 12 and 13 I started getting a little minor allergy symptoms. I took the shot on day 14 and those little symptoms are gone the next day! I keep waiting for them to hit but nothing, people around me are suffering, I can see pollen on my car but I am not suffering at all, plus I actually feel a lot better in general and my wife is noticing it as well in more ways than one ;~). I think every 10 days is the right interval for me. I know one thing for sure, this stuff has prevented the spring allergy symptoms I have just grown to accept and I am now enjoying spring drug free. We’ll see what happens next year I’ll try to remember to update next spring
by Jason Walrath Date Added: Friday 06 May, 2011
I started taking B12 Complete on 4/20/11 I was amazed at how much it help my appetite control. A week later I started the HCG shots and low calorie diet. I have lost a total of 23lbs between 4/20/11 and 5/6/11. The low calorie diet hasnt been too hard to maintain but when you see results like this it is very motivating to keep it up. I am looking forward to seeing how much weight I will lose during this first round. I weighed 307 when I started and now 284. I was a four sport athlete in high school and spent 4 years in the Army and have always struggled with keeping my weight under control. I have tried many many things over the years and have never seen results like this with basically little exercise. I am looking forward to losing more weight using products
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